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HDSDR Radio Experimentation

This page details my experimentation with the HDSDR software application.

I use the HDSDR (High Definition Software Defined Radio) application, on Windows 7, connected to my rooftop TV antenna using an Ezcap dongle.

The HDSDR website is:

For further details about using HDSDR and the EZCap dongle visit this Slashdot article.


I have a rather complex antenna wiring layout from the antenna socket to the many DVB-T appliances. I installed a VHF and UHF diplexer between the antenna socket and the first f-type splitter. With only the UHF side of the diplexer connected the strong VHF signals are attenuated before being put through the two amplified splitters.

TV Antenna Wiring

TV Antenna Wiring

I use two antenna splitters. The first is a 2 Way TV VCR Antenna Signal Amplifier Booster Splitter from Radioparts for $38. The second is a 4 Way TV VCR Antenna Signal Amplifier Booster Splitter from Radioparts for $55.

1st Antenna Splitter 2nd Antenna Splitter

Antenna Splitters

I purchased an Ezcap DVB-T FM DAB USB receiver from ebay for $22.

Ezcap Dongle

Ezcap Dongle

Example screencasts

This is my first HDSDR screencast showing the reception of 148.7MHz. This is adjacent to the 2m amateur band.

Video showing 148200000Hz - 149200000Hz

The following HDSDR screencast shows the reception of 415.8MHz. Two FM voice conversation are shown and the audio playback is visible in the lower section. One at 415.6Mhz and the second at 415.5MHz. The actual audio has not been included due to Australian privacy laws.

Video showing 415300000Hz - 416300000Hz