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Examples of my database development, networking installations and programming skills are detailed for a number of industry sectors.

Key Technical Skills

Sectors: Medical 2, Veterinary, Finance 2 3, Security, Computing, Amateur Radio, Religion

Databases: MySQL 2 3, Firebird SQL, dBASE, Oracle

Networking: VPN Architectures, Reserved Class C, Gateways, Monitoring, VOIP

Programming: C++, C#, VBA, Java, C, Clipper, Cobol, Python

Web development: Xampp, HTML 2, Zope

Operating Systems: Windows 2 3 4, Solaris, Linux 2, Pidora, VMS


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Real examples of work from 1992 thru to 2015 have been uploaded to this website and are listed below.

CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster - 2015

Project 4 The information content of special orders A Comparison of the Forecasting Ability of Immediate Price Impact Models Measuring Immediate Price Impact Using Nonparametric Models Watch a presentation of the Stock Price System Research @ Cloud Monash

Written using MySQL, HeidiSQL, Pentaho Kettle, Microsoft Windows Server

Assembled a database to enable analyse of Australian and USA stock exchange data from the Sirca Australian Equities Database and Thomson Reuters Tick History Database. The terabyte MySQL database was hosted using the NeCTAR cloud with Microsoft Windows Server virtual machines.

Project 3 Understanding superannuation contribution decisions: Theory and evidence A Review of Retirement Savings Investment Behaviours: Theory and Evidence Watch a presentation of the Funds Management Cluster Database CSIRO/Monash superannuation research alliance Academics to optimise super Funds Management Cluster Database

Written using XAMPP, HeidiSQL, Pentaho Kettle, MySQL Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Assembled a database that was hosted on MySQL (using a High Availability MySQL Enterprise Server) and held Australian and UK superannuation member data via the University of Oxford. A web interface using a Red Hat Linux virtual machine was built using PhP, Javascript, Xajax and Pentaho Kettle.

Stock Indexation and Portfolios - 2012

Fundamental Indexation of Stock Portfolios Is Fundamental Indexation Able to Time the Market? Evidence from the Dow Jones Industrial Average & the Russell 1000 The Viability of Alternative Indexation When Including All Costs Watch how to graph the DJIA using the Fundamental Indexation program Watch a presentation of the Fundamental Indexation Systems Visit my LinkedIN recommendations Dow Jones Index Chart Russel 1000 Index Chart AggRo Applicaiton for Windows x86

Written using C++, GNU Scientific Library

Authored an applications suite built using C++, in Microsoft Visual Studio, that simulated using accounting fundamentals from the CRSP/Compustat Merged Database for portfolio indexation. The project was sponsored by an Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage grant. The suite consisted of console based applications and only used file input and output. CSV outputs were then imported to Microsoft Excel for tabulation and pivot charting.

Socially Responsible Investments

Journal of Business Ethics

Maintained C++ software to replicate Fama and French factors on USA stocks and added SRI filtering.
Funded by The Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS).

DNABuddy: A Microarray Database for Expression and SNP data - 2009 Watch how to install DNABuddy Watch how to use DNABuddy with Eisen Cluster Watch a presentation of an early version of DNABuddy Listen to a presentation of an early version of DNABuddy Watch a presentation of an early version of DNABuddy Installer for Windows x86

Written using C#, PhP, XAMPP, Windows Servers

Authored a repository built using a 3-teir architecture running on a Blade Cloud. The MySQL backend and PhP web tier were built on Microsoft Windows using Xampp. The repository stored published experimental data downloaded and imported from the USA governments Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) or from in-house experimental data.

VetBasic: Veterinary Practise Management Software - 2005 Watch how VetBasic is used for a Consultation Watch how VetBasic is used for an Admission

Written using Microsoft Access (VBA), Firebird SQL

Authored a client server application using Microsoft Access as its graphical interface. It was used to manage the daily customer facing operations of the veterinary clinics. SQL queries where used to connect the graphical interface to a remote Firebird SQL backend. The application was written to support real time operation of two geographically separated clinics with two terminals at each location.

ENE: Elvin Router - 2001 Watch how an event is sent to a subscribed Tickertape from the DOS command line Introduction to XML certificate

Written using Portable C

This is a R&D application invented by the DSTC CRC. It is a publish and subscribe by content event router. The project received substantial funding from the USA governments Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It was written in portable C but has since been rebuilt in open source Java.

Rolls Printing Medical Records Inventory Software - 1992

Written using Clipper, C

This was a final year project at Monash University. I was a team member to write the inventory application using Clipper and C.