AggRo: The Row Aggregator Program

AggRo is a simplified report aggregation program.

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AggRo was used to generate the data tables in finance journal publications.

Our research software generated 100s of output files.

AggRo came from the needed to automatically aggregate these files in to a publishable format.

Processing Flow and AggRo

AggRo takes its input from a number of research programs and is used to aggregate the output in to a single table that is inserted to a journal article.

AggRo Process Diagram

AggRo Process Diagram.

Trivial Example

Using a very simplified set of sample inputs.







A job file is written.


Using a batch file we run AggRo.


The resulting AggRo.csv file is generated.


Here is AggRo.csv file as shown using Microsoft Excel.

C:\AggRo\OutputData\AggRo.csv in Excel

Sample Source Code

The AggRo program is comprised of a number of C++ source code files.

Source files

Header files

  • The Chameleon.h file
  • The Common.h file
  • The ConfigFile.h file
  • The files.h file
  • The stdafx.h file
  • The targetver.h file
  • Here is the AggRo executable (x86) available for download AggRo Applicaiton for Windows x86